iTube Apk Download for Android Handset – Updated v3.7.3

Music is a way to fuel life to get the lost energy, smartphones are bought to enjoy music at its best, just one click and your favourite song is on. The latest technology has added wings to our demands on music, and that’s how what we have always wanted is now being delivered through the various smart phone applications. iTube is one such application that broke all records, and users today are way more impressed than what other competitive music apps had to offer. iTube App plays music in background, while the user operates Whatsapp, Facebook, and any other entertainment application on the phone.

iTube Apk Download for Android OS – Latest Version v3.7.3


This is why iTube is a revolution!

iTube is no doubt a revolution in the music applications that you might have used until now. This is special! How? We’ll discuss it through the points mentioned below;

  • While you are using other applications on your phone, be it Whatsapp, facebook, or any other entertainment or educating application, this application keeps the music playing in the background. You actually don’t have to choose between two applications to operate, when iTube is one of them.
  • If you have limited bandwidth, or low battery in your phone, you need to worry anymore or compromise on the choices. ITube is one application that downloads the videos while you are watching them, this saves device’s battery, works on the lowest bandwidth as well like when you are travelling, and thus offers the user optimum satisfaction.
  • Watching video on YouTube is a pleasure, but only till we are not forced to the advertisement videos that are a must to watch before a video starts. iTube Apk lets you free of this torture, as it removes all ads before the video starts. No more annoying ad videos now!
  • iTube guarantees privacy to its users. The applications requires permission to access all apps before it starts working on your device. But yes, no data or information is recorded or collected from any application already installed in the device, hence 100% privacy is guaranteed.

How to download!

Unfortunately, iTube isn’t available on Google Playstore and hence it can only be downloaded through the Apk link for android OS. Look at the iTube apk download for Android OS steps mentioned below;

  • Step 1– The first step requires you to enable download from unknown sources in your device. Go to setting>> click on security>> enable unknown sources, and now you are ready to download and install the application via apk file.
  • Step 2– Get to the apk link, only through a reliable online source. Click on download, and the process of downloading shall start on your device.
  • Step 3– Once the process of download is completed, a notification would pop up on the notification window. Click on it, iTube apk
  • Step 4– The last step requires you to install the application. Click on install and the final icon shall appear on your device. And now, you are good to go!

This is how you can get access to the most interesting music application on your android device. Enjoy!

Stremio App Download For Android iOS Windows and Mac OS

A software application that lets you discover the latest movies, TV series and TV channels is what Stremio is all about. There are lots of lesser known movies which are truly remarkable yet underrated. You can find them all on Stremio App Download. Precisely, it is for those who don’t want any fuss. If you are better off watching only licensed content, download the app right away. Okay. But how?

Stremio App Download 2018 | Step by Step Guide


Stremio can be accessed from both desktop and smartphones. It is downloadable on multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. Let’s go through the steps of Stremio App Download in each one of them.

The installation process for Windows as well as Mac is pretty much similar but just with a few minor differences. Just go to Stremio’s official website and look for the big purple bar saying ‘DOWNLOAD NOW STREMIO 4 BETA’.

For Windows:

STEP 1: Windows is selected as default. But if you are using any other operating system, recognize the icon of your operating system from below the bar and select.

STEP 2: Once you click on the purple bar, the Stremio.Set.exe file starts downloading for Windows. Now you just need to wait until it’s finished.

STEP 3: Before you can start using Stremio App, you need to pass the last haul which is registration. Log-in with Facebook or Sign up to create your account with an Email Id and password.

For Mac:

STEP 1: Once you click on the Mac icon, a .dmg installation file gets downloaded.

STEP 2: A small window pops up on your desktop screen with two files. The Stremio installer and the Applications file. Transfer the Stremio installer into the Applications file by dragging the icon into it and drop.

STEP 3: A confirmation page appears. Click ‘open’. Note: If you are not already using the administrator’s account. Log In to it first with username and password to authenticate your action.

STEP 4: Create your account on Stremio.

However if you are only hovering here for a while, you can skip the last step and enter as a guest. But then, with an account, there’s a lot more you can do. You can personalize your account by choosing the movie genres you prefer.


For Linux:

The Stremio App Download process for Linux is a bit more complex than the other operating systems. Also, a drawback would be that it can run only on a 64 bit system. Check that before you start. Now open terminal and write codes for the following steps

  • STEP 1: Claim your Stremio file from the web. The file name will have a .tar.gz extension. Get the latest version of Stremio
  • STEP 2: Create a special directory for the file.
  • STEP 3: Untar the file
  • STEP 4: Write a launcher script to make an addition of a launcher in your system for the app.
  • STEP 5: Edit the file and save the changes.

For Android:

This one is the simplest of all! Go to Google play and search Stremio App Download. The app shows up. Click the Install button

There you go, float in the wonderland of virtual entertainment and spend your hours wisely.

How to Download iTube App for IOS iPhone – Latest 2018

iTube remains one of the most popular applications that provides both music and video entertainment to its users. The popularity of the application can be judged by the fact that after its initial launch on the Android platform, it was launched once again for iPhone and PC users as well. Earlier the application was released with the name Playtube and it had several components that were restricted. It was only later that it was renamed iTube, redesigned and then launched for Android users. The application was really well received and became popular. Later, it was released for various other platforms as well. Check How to Download iTube App for IOS, iPhone and iPad Below.

How to Download iTube App for IOS (iPhone and iPad) 2018


What makes iTube different?

The USP of the application is that it allows the users to access all the surfed content offline as well. This means that the users of the application do not need an internet connection every time they wish to listen to their favorite music or watch their favorite web series. Once a content is played on a device with the help of iTube application, a cached copy of that content can always be viewed offline times and again.

Another great advantage with using iTube is that it allows the users to play their favorite music while they can continue with other activities at the same time. The feature actually corrects a drawback of YouTube App that needs to be played on the forefront only if the user wants to listen to music.

iTube app for IOS has been strategically designed so as to cover all the inconveniences that are faced by the YouTube users and also the users of other video streaming sites.

Features of iTube

  • It is basically the extensive features of iTube that make it popular and set it apart from other video streaming applications. Some of its exciting features are:
  • The application allows its users to download a wide variety of content that ranges from sports, news, movies, religious programs and much more.
  • Since the videos are downloaded from the official site only, the safety of the content is assured.
  • The videos are available in HD quality.
  • The application has a very exciting and user friendly interface and it is absolutely free to download and use it.
  • The users can do a lot with the application. They can create a customized list of their favorite movies and programs and watch them at their convenience, they can shuffle and edit videos and they can also use bookmarks for the content they are watch.
  • The users can watch their favorite content offline as well. This means an internet connection is not required for it.

iTube for IOS devices is one of the most wanted application for iPhone and iPad users who are looking to download music from YouTube or manage a playlist with YouTube. The application was officially removed from the App Store a long time back due to a policy issue. But there are other ways in which the users can run Android iTube APK in their IOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. This is by using the emulator app that allows installing any Android application on the user’s iPhone.

However, it is now considered as the best tweak that is available to the users of IOS. It was earlier called PlayTube.


How to download iTube APK for IOS (iPad and iPhone)?

The iTube application is not available in the Apple app store officially. However, there are a few alternatives to get this application on IOS.

Follow these steps to download iTube App for IOS (iPad and iPhone):

Step 1: Go to and download Vshare from there.

Step 2: Once the download of the app is complete, open Vshare

Step 3: Go to the search bar and type ‘Playtube’ and press enter.

Step 4: You can now enjoy free music on your IOS devices with the iTube app.

Hope You like this article Download iTube App For iOS iPhone and iPad and explore your device using this application.